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Siachen Naturals

Cultivating a Legacy, Empowering a Community


Our Story: Rooted in Tradition, Reaching for the Future

Siachen Naturals is more than just a brand; it's a culmination of passion, purpose, and a deep respect for the Ladakhi land. Founded by Tsetan Dorjay, our story begins with a transformative experience in 2016. Yearning for a deeper connection with nature, Tsetan ventured beyond traditional education, embarking on a journey that would redefine his future and his community’s.

This path led Tsetan to discover the profound link between environmental well-being and human prosperity. Two years spent working in the environmental sector solidified this conviction, igniting a desire to return to their roots and revive Ladakhi agricultural practices.

Despite initial challenges, Tsetan's unwavering determination and deep connection to the community fueled his mission to transform the local agricultural landscape.

The Naropa Fellowship provided the perfect platform for Tsetan's vision to take root. Here, Siachen Naturals was born, offering a range of products that embody the essence of Ladakh – its taste, resilience, and timeless traditions. They offer a range of organic Ladakhi food products, like barley soups and porridge packed with local herbs, nutrients, and the love of the community’s women who hand-make them.

Empowering Women Farmers: Siachen Naturals' Commitment to
Sustainable Agriculture

At Siachen Naturals, we believe in creating a positive ripple effect. Our commitment extends beyond producing high-quality organic products; it's about empowering the women farmers who are the backbone of our community.

Building a Brighter Future, Together

  • Steady Income for SHGs: We partner with Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women farmers, ensuring a reliable income source in exchange for their exceptional produce. This mutually beneficial partnership fosters sustainable growth for both parties.

  • Empowering Women in Leadership: Gender equality is a core value at Siachen Naturals. We actively support women farmers by having an SHG member manage day-to-day operations, inspiring others in the community.

  • Ensuring Fair Prices: We understand the challenges faced by women farmers and are dedicated to fair compensation. By paying the fair price of raw materials, we ensure they receive the value they deserve.

The Impact of Collective Action

Our initiatives have yielded remarkable results. We currently work with around 30 women farmers, witnessing a phenomenal 50% increase in their income. This is a testament to the power of collaboration and our unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable and equitable future.

Our Promise: More Than Just Commerce

At Siachen Naturals, we are passionate about creating meaningful change. By partnering with local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture, we empower women, improve livelihoods, and preserve indigenous knowledge. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices ensures every product reflects our values.

Join us on this extraordinary journey!

Explore Siachen Naturals and discover a range of organic products brimming with the essence of the Himalayas. Together, let's cultivate a legacy of sustainability and empower communities for a brighter tomorrow.

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